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We believe that user interfaces are the bridge between technology and people.

A photo of the membrane keypad switch; the graphic overlays are black; there is one red LED light plus one membrane button. A finger is pressing on the button, the LED light is on, and it emits a red light. This custom graphic overlay is great.

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Customization at its finest

Custom membrane switch is our core strength, we offer a wide array of complementary products and services. Explore our touchscreens, elastomeric keypad, and capacitive sensor to discover a world of possibilities for your user interface needs.

Beyond manufacturing

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer unparalleled customization options for your membrane switch. From materials and shapes to graphics and functionalities, we empower you to tailor every aspect to your unique requirements.

Quality assurance

Quality is non-negotiable at LID. Our rigorous quality control processes guarantee that every key pad we produce meets the highest industry standards. Your satisfaction and the performance of your products are our top priorities.

Tactile or non-tactile membrane button are available

Touch to your user interface

Seamless control and sleek design

Industries We Serve

Discover how our membrane switch and user interface solutions are making a difference in various industries.

From aerospace to healthcare, our technology enhances user experiences across the board.

Industry Control

Control Panels  

Process Control Systems

Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

Industrial Automation

Motor Control

Environmental Control

Automotive Electronics

Instrument Clusters

Steering Wheel Controls

Door Panels

Center Consoles

Dashboard Interfaces

Seat Adjustment Controls

Healthcare Interface

Patient Monitoring Systems

Diagnostic Equipment

Infusion Pumps

Laboratory Equipment

Surgical Instruments

Electrotherapy Devices

Succed Project

Experience precision and reliability in every touch.

How It Works? Easy.

Specific steps are commonly followed to ensure the product is designed, manufactured, and delivered successfully.

Customer Consultation

Design preferences, functionality, and quantity.

Design and Engineering

Creating a detailed design for the product.

Material Selection

Membrane layer, graphic overlay and adhesive layers.


Production, assembly and test, one-station-solution.

Customer Testimonials

A man, he is sitting on the main-driver seat of an ev, with a sunglasses, turning back and smiling.

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The image shows a digital blood pressure monitor with a white casing and a pixelated screen area. On the left side, there is a vertical color-coded bar with green, yellow, and red sections labeled “WHO,” indicating World Health Organization blood pressure categories. Below the screen are three buttons: a power button symbolized by a circle with a line at the top, an ‘S’ button, and an ‘M’ button. To the right of the screen are labels for blood pressure measurements: “SYS mmHg” for systolic pressure, “DIA mmHg” for diastolic pressure, and “PUL /MIN” for pulse rate per minute.
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Membrane Keypad Switches Have Been Remarkable for Growth and Personalization

Membrane Keypad Switches Have Been Remarkable for Growth and Personalization Table of Contents Introduction For years membrane keypad switches have been a go-to choice across different sectors because they’re known to be reliable tough and don’t cost too much. Found in things like home gadgets big factory equipment and gadgets we use every day these

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“Close-up of a handheld electronic device, specifically a remote control with a blue and yellow color scheme. It has seven visible buttons: ‘START/STOP,’ ‘TIMER,’ four directional arrows surrounding an ‘OK’ button. The bottom part of the remote is not fully visible.”
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Membrane Keypad Manufacturer: The Industry Leader – LID CO., LIMITED

Membrane Keypad Manufacturer: The Industry Leader – LID CO., LIMITED Table of Contents Introduction Given the unique task at hand the introduction will be crafted with a focus on simplicity and creativity. It will be articulated in a manner that is easy to understand yet retains a professional and academic tone. Each sentence will be

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“Close-up of a remote control overlay with various buttons. At the top, there is a red button labeled ‘RECORD’ and a blue button labeled ‘CAPTURE.’ Below are two rows of grey buttons with symbols for playback control, such as play, pause, stop, fast forward, and rewind icons. There are directional arrows surrounding an ‘ENTER’ button in the center. At the bottom left corner is a black square labeled ‘STOP,’ followed by icons representing file folders and connectivity options labeled ‘HDD’ and ‘NET.’ At the bottom right corner is a power symbol on a red circular button labeled ‘RUN.’ The background has a light grid pattern.”
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Exploring What’s Possible with Custom Membrane Keyboards

Exploring What’s Possible with Custom Membrane Keyboards Table of Contents In the realm of computer accessories membrane keyboards hold a solid spot. Thanks to being budget-friendly and looking sharp they find their place everywhere from desks at work to where gamers battle it out. As fans dig into the world of mechanical keyboards they start

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“Flexible printed circuit (FPC) with multiple connection points and icons at the top, possibly indicating functions or connectivity options. FPCs can bend and flex, making them suitable for complex electronic devices with limited space or specific shapes.”
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Switch Design of Membrane Switches

Switch Design of Membrane Switches Table of Contents In lots of electronic gadgets membrane switches play a key role because they are flexible reliable and don’t cost too much. The piece digs into the complex parts of designing these switches in a way that they work their best and do a great job. Let’s take

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“LED Membrane Switch featuring a rectangular interface with a display screen at the top and a series of labeled buttons below, including directional arrows, enter, quick, run, stop/reset in a grey and black color scheme on a translucent background.”
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A Complete Handbook on LED Membrane Switches: Improving User Interfaces Through Sophisticated Backlighting Techniques

A Complete Handbook on LED Membrane Switches: Improving User Interfaces Through Sophisticated Backlighting Techniques Table of Contents Introduction to LED Membrane Switches In the fast-moving realm of user interface tech the LED membrane switch has stepped up as a key piece. It brings better features and a big jump in how good it looks. LED

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“China membrane switch with a flexible black interface, round and oval buttons, some labeled with ‘play’, ‘stop’, ‘pause’, and others orange without text. Transparent window at the top and green ribbon cable at the bottom.”
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Zoe - Customer Service Executive

Advantages of Using China Membrane Switch Panel

Three Advantages of Using China Membrane Switch Panel Table of Contents Introduction The panels from China known for their membrane switch technology are packed with advantages making them perfect for a range of uses. It’s critical to grasp these advantages well to pick the best option tailored to a particular requirement. The Project Aims to

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