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Custom Graphic Overlays

Custom graphic overlays can meet your specific design and branding requirements. You can choose the colors, shapes, sizes, and graphics that best represent your product or brand.
A black graphic panel overlays, glossy finishing, it has die cutting holes for membrane buttons and display lens.

Reasons Why Choose
Custom Graphic Overlays

Enhanced Visual Appeal

Graphic panel overlays can significantly enhance the visual appeal of images or videos by adding visually appealing elements such as text, icons, or shapes. They can make the content more engaging and visually interesting.

Improved Information Delivery

Custom graphic overlays are a versatile tool for improving information delivery. They can enhance clarity, provide context, guide attention, visualize data, and reinforce branding, all of which contribute to the more effective communication of important messages.

Haptic Feedback

Some graphic overlays can incorporate haptic feedback technology, providing users with tactile sensations or vibrations when interacting with buttons or touch-sensitive areas, enhancing the user experience.

Our Value-added Solutions

Can make them resistant to dust, moisture, chemicals, or other harsh or demanding operating conditions.

Enhances visibility and usability, allowing users to interact with the switches more effectively in low-light or dark environments.

Metal control panel overlay makes membrane keypad extremely rugged, moreover metal overlay increase the aesthetic appearance.

A seven-segment display is seamlessly combined with a custom membrane switch, providing real-time feedback.

Provide electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding or protection against electromagnetic radiation and interference.

Precise tactile response can enhance the user experience, making it easier for users to confirm that a button press has been registered.

Industries We Serve

Discover how our membrane switch and user interface solutions are making a difference in various industries.

From aerospace to healthcare, our technology enhances user experiences across the board.

Industry Control

Control Panels  

Process Control Systems

Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

Industrial Automation

Motor Control

Environmental Control

Automotive Electronics

Instrument Clusters

Steering Wheel Controls

Door Panels

Center Consoles

Dashboard Interfaces

Seat Adjustment Controls

Healthcare Interface

Patient Monitoring Systems

Diagnostic Equipment

Infusion Pumps

Laboratory Equipment

Surgical Instruments

Electrotherapy Devices

Succed Project

Experience precision and reliability in every touch.

How It Works? Easy.

Specific steps are commonly followed to ensure the product is designed, manufactured, and delivered successfully.

Customer Consultation

Design preferences, functionality, and quantity.

Design and Engineering

Creating a detailed design for the product.

Material Selection

Membrane layer, graphic overlay and adhesive layers.


Production, assembly and test, one-station-solution.

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