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Graphic Design

Graphic Overlay Printing Color, Font, Layout, Surface Finishing, etc.

In the realm of graphic overly printing and design, there are several key considerations to keep in mind: 

A 3*4 matrix membrane button, numeric button named by 0-9, plus * and #. It has square black finishing, the graphic overlay printing is colorful.


Visual Appeal

Visual appeal refers to the aesthetic quality and attractiveness of a design, image, or object. It encompasses factors such as printing color choices, composition, typography, and overall presentation that create a visually pleasing and engaging experience for viewers.

Create a Visually Appealing Design

Designers should focus on crafting a graphic overlay that is not only functional but also visually appealing. This involves selecting a harmonious color scheme, using clear and legible fonts, and arranging elements in an organized and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Legibility is Key

Prioritize legibility by choosing fonts and text sizes that are easy to read. Consider factors such as contrast between text and background colors to ensure information is readily accessible to users.


User Intuitiveness

User intuitiveness refers to the ease with which individuals can understand and interact with a product, interface, or system without the need for extensive instructions or prior knowledge. It involves designing elements and layouts in a logical and intuitive manner, using clear icons and labels that guide users in performing tasks effortlessly.

Intuitive Layout

Arrange the graphical elements in a logical and intuitive manner. Buttons and labels should be positioned where users would naturally expect to find them. This helps users quickly understand and operate the interface.

Iconography and Symbols

Utilize universally recognized icons and symbols to convey functions or commands. Icons can be more intuitive than text labels in some cases, especially when dealing with multilingual users.


Backlighting Options

Backlighting options refer to the methods and technologies used to illuminate the keys, buttons, or graphics on a device’s interface, particularly in low-light or dark environments. Backlighting enhances visibility, making it easier for users to interact with the interface and read information.

Low-Light Environments

Consider the possibility of using backlighting for the graphic overlay, especially if the device will be used in low-light or dark environments. Backlit overlays enhance visibility and usability in such conditions.

LED Backlighting

LED backlighting is a popular choice due to its energy efficiency and customizable color options. Designers can strategically position LEDs behind key areas or symbols to ensure they are well-illuminated.

Adjustable Brightness

If feasible, incorporate adjustable brightness controls to allow users to tailor the backlight intensity to their preferences or the ambient lighting conditions.



Ultimately, the choice between a soft touch or a pronounced click tactile feedback depends on the specific application and user preferences. Designers should carefully consider the user’s needs and the context in which the membrane switch will be used to ensure that the chosen tactile feedback aligns with the desired user experience.

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Our Value-added Solutions

Can make them resistant to dust, moisture, chemicals, or other harsh or demanding operating conditions.

Enhances visibility and usability, allowing users to interact with the switches more effectively in low-light or dark environments.

Metal control panel overlay makes membrane keypad extremely rugged, moreover metal overlay increase the aesthetic appearance.

A seven-segment display is seamlessly combined with a custom membrane switch, providing real-time feedback.

Provide electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding or protection against electromagnetic radiation and interference.

Precise tactile response can enhance the user experience, making it easier for users to confirm that a button press has been registered.

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