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What Is Membrane Switch HS Code? 2 Classifications.

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2 membrane switches, about membrane switch HS code.

The Harmonized System (HS) code for membrane switch falls under the broader category of electrical switches, connectors, and control panels. The membrane switch hs code may vary depending on their characteristics and components. In general, you can find membrane switches classified under HS codes related to electrical or electronic components. 

Membrane Switch HS Code 1: 8536.90.10

For example, you might find membrane switches classified under HS codes like: 8536.90.10.

This code relates to electrical switches for a voltage not exceeding 1,000 V, including membrane switches.

Streamlining International Trade: Classifying Electrical Switches with HS Codes

The Harmonized System (HS) codes offer a consistent way to classify items, which makes them essential for international trade. Because every HS code is associated with a particular product, customs officials around the globe can quickly identify and control the import and export of commodities.

It is used to distinguish membrane switches from other kinds of electrical switches in the case of HS code 8536.90.10. This particularity is necessary for trade documentation and customs clearance since different kinds of switches could have different tariff rates, rules, or limitations.

Businesses can assure compliance with customs requirements and enable simpler international commerce transactions by appropriately classifying goods with the relevant HS code. It also aids in figuring out relevant taxes, levies, and other trade-related policies, which helps to speed up the customs clearing procedure.

Case study - Customs Classification of Electrical Switches

Assume that a business produces and sells electrical switches. They manufacture both conventional toggle switches and membrane switches among their products. For customs considerations, they must precisely classify each type of switch when they ship their products overseas.

The HS code for the membrane switches would be 8536.90.10. Electrical switches, including membrane switches, with voltages under 1,000 volts are uniquely identified by this code. Customs officials can quickly identify these goods and impose the relevant duties or laws by using this HS code.

However, they might use a different HS code, like 8536.50.00, for their classic toggle switches. This code is especially for switches other than membrane switches and has a voltage limit of 1,000 volts.

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Membrane Switch HS Code 2: 8536.50.00

Another example, you might as well find membrane switches classified under HS codes like: 8536.50.00.

This code is for switches for a voltage not exceeding 1,000 V, suitable for switching electrical circuits. It can encompass various types of switches, including membrane switches.

HS Codes: Facilitating Global Trade Consistency and Efficiency

In order to maintain uniformity and harmonization in the worldwide classification of commodities for customs and tariff purposes, HS codes are essential. The World Customs Organization (WCO) created and maintains these standardized number codes. For customs officials, importers, exporters, and other parties involved in international trade, these codes offer a common language.

Countries can classify traded commodities uniformly, regardless of where they are coming from or going to, by utilizing HS codes. This uniformity makes trade processes easier to manage, makes gathering trade data easier, and makes it possible to execute trade agreements, tariffs, and quotas.

In addition, HS codes are revised frequently to take into account modifications to trade, product attributes, and technology. By doing this, the system is kept current and flexible in response to changing dynamics of international trade.

In conclusion, HS codes are essential to global trade because they promote efficiency, openness, and conformity with tariff determination and customs processes.

Adapting HS Codes for Emerging Technologies: The Case of Smart Wearable Health Monitors

Let’s imagine a smart wearable health monitor is a new kind of electronic equipment that hits the market. This gadget gives customers real-time health tracking and analysis by fusing features from conventional health monitors with cutting-edge smart technologies.

Customs officials may initially find it difficult to categorize this novel product using the HS codes that are currently in use. The World Customs Organization (WCO), however, recognizes the need to adjust to new technology and holds conferences with member nations and business specialists to decide which classification is best for the gadget.

Following careful consideration and analysis, the WCO unveils a new HS code category designed to include wearable smart health monitoring. This new classification clarifies matters for importers, exporters, and customs officers by setting these gadgets apart from other kinds of wearable technology or health monitors.

Because of this, producers of intelligent wearable health monitors may now safely categorize their goods using the recently created HS code, guaranteeing correct paperwork and efficient customs clearing procedures. The HS code system has been adapted to represent its dynamic nature, which can adapt to changing market trends in the global economy and technology improvements.


It’s important to note that the specific HS code for membrane switches can vary by country and may depend on factors such as the materials used, design, and function of the switches. To determine the precise HS code for your specific type of membrane switches, you should consult the customs authorities or a trade specialist in your country. They can provide guidance on the correct HS code for your particular product.

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